People Skills Masterclass


Relationships with people at a professional and personal level are a fact of life and the better equipped we are to manage ourselves and the environment around us the greater overall impact we can have in our own lives.

To be able to understand the behaviours of those that are different to ourselves the better we are able to manage situations such as conflict, disagreements, differences of opinion, bullying, inappropriate and often disruptive behaviours and language patterns.

Would you like to manage situations in your professional and personal life more effectively, avoiding conflict, understanding why others are different to you and more importantly being able to deal with those situations confidently?

This is a self-development skills course aimed at those who recognise everyone is different and that by developing your own people skills and knowledge you can have an impact on improving the relationships with others in a way that benefits you, your wellbeing, your environments and your state.  We are all responsible for our own state and the better equipped we are to manage that the better placed we are to be in control of our state and wellbeing.

Key Benefits…

  • Practical exercises where you learn new skills and practice them in a safe environment
  • Learn how to be in command of my own life and career
  • Become a more skillful, confident and dynamic communicator and connect with others
  • Be able to build trust, quickly and effectively
  • Learn the secrets of successful presenters and how to create dynamic presentations
  • How to set realistic and achievable goals and how to sell your vision and goals to others
  • Reduce your limitations and enhance success all around you
  • Understand what motivates you, how others are motivated and the impact you can create
  • Learn how to be a much more positive person more often and how to influence negative people to become even more positive
  • Know what limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back and how change them into empowering beliefs that will propel you forward
  • How to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence and transfer to other people
  • How to sell yourself & your ideas at any level, to be even more enthusiastic, action- oriented
  • Understand what creates your stress and how to deal with those situations
  • Learn how to harness the strengths of your relationships and teams, how to focus on common goals
  • Understand timelines and what effect this has on us being early, late or on time
  • Learn how to focus on achieving successful relationships in your personal and professional environments


Who is it for…


Anyone wishing to develop and enhance their people skills, whether on a personal or professional basis or both, those who want to have greater success in their relationships, want to understand themselves first and then others and how to be more effective as a leader, manager, partner, parent….




9am – 4pm, includes refreshments and light lunch

There will be a rolling monthly programme that you can dip in and out of as fits your needs and diary commitments and can be shared within organisations…

Pay as you go, book on a month at a time @ £335 + VAT

Book 3 workshops in advance @ £885 + VAT = £295 + VAT each

Book 6 workshops in advance @ £1560+ VAT = £260 + VAT each

Book 9 workshops in advance @ £2070+ VAT = £230 + VAT each

Book 12 workshops in advance @ £2388+ VAT = £199 + VAT each


10th May – Self Confidence

14th June – Creating a positive environment

12th July – Creating positive relationships that matter

9th Aug – Time management and goal setting

13th Sept – Presentation Skills

11th Oct – Influencing, coaching and mentoring

8th Nov – Behaviours in self and others and how to manage these

13th Dec – Conflict Management

10th Jan – How to set realistic and achievable goals and get stuff done

14th Feb – How to be in control of your life and your career

13th March – How to manage your own behaviours and stress levels

9th April – How to motivate others to improve productivity


To book your place


call Paula on 07734473060

or Book HERE

Paula Finch Biography… Programme Lead

Paula Finch

Position Held: Managing Director / Director Business Development / Director / Business Owner, Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Mobile: 07734 473060
LinkedIn connection:

Paula Finch is an award winning entrepreneurial business woman who likes to buck the trend and do things differently in ways that create results. She runs a number of successful businesses as well as supporting business owners to drive business growth for over 30 years.

Paula is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute as well as Master Practitioner / Trainer in NLP and a member of the Association of Neuro Linguistic Practitioners.

An experienced top-level Director Paula is passionate about supporting success driven businesses by giving them proven strategies, techniques and tools that really work , increasing loyalty across all aspects of their business.

Paula has gained a reputation for being hugely supportive of business owners who have ambitions for their business and lack the experience, skills and confidence to develop and implement a plan. She is a regular speaker at events and also delivers seminars and workshops on business development, marketing, customer service and sales development, business growth, NLP, change and leadership & management.

Her portfolio of client’s include many UK SME’s as well as national and international organisations such as Kimberly-Clark, Texaco, Marigold, NFU (National Farmers Union), Burton Group, British Sugar, Peterborough City Council, South Holland District Council, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, Greater Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, EMAP, Daily Mail Group, MacMillan Publishing, Johnston Press, Holiday on Ice, Red Recruitment, R W Stokes, Simons Group, Beauty Boulevard (Glitter Lips), Barnardo’s, Sacrewell, Bransby Horses amongst others.


What others say…


Jill Clarke – I have worked with Paula over the past year and have found her very inspiring, making you think of problems as opportunities and coming to solutions that were obvious once she showed you the path to take. Her presentations are legendary, never boring and such fun. Such a lovely lady who you really think has yours and your company’s best interests at heart. I have no hesitation recommending her to every company out there – see what she can do for you!


Mark Morley says about Paula, We started working with Paula 5 years ago and she has helped Red Recruitment 24/7 write our business plan, setting goals, KPI’s and realistic targets. Communication has been at the heart of every meeting & work session. Paula has helped transform Red Recruitment 24/7 and me over this time. We continue to work with Paula and our Growth so far is over 500%.


Barbara Spiller – No one has more positive energy, empathy and drive than Paula. She delivers just the right mix of professional experience with street-wise intuition to give fantastic value to everyone who knows her.”


Nigel Hemsill – Paula is someone who thrives on new challenges. She is daring and brave, with a self-confidence that comes from making things happen in a way that is positive for everyone involved.


Megan Campbell – Paula was very engaging and charismatic and I very much appreciated the one on one time, in which she helped me to develop. I would thoroughly recommend Paula her insight and contributions have been invaluable!


Brent Crossman – Paula is a compelling professional speaker, with a solid understanding of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and well-practiced in training, demonstrating and applying the principles through her dynamic rapport with the audience. I would recommend Paula as a competent professional change management agent and highly effective motivational speaker.


Carl Gryniewicz – I recently attended a course… presented by Paula. The course was not what I expected at all – it was so informative and delved far deeper into how a business operates than I could have imagined. Paula presented the course in a very interactive manner, was very engaging and could not be more helpful. Paula has made me look at my business – and how it can present in a whole new way. Highly recommended.


Ellen Chapman – Paula is one of those crazy enthusiastic inspirational people who just can’t fail to get you thinking and motivated. I attended one of Paula’s marketing courses, and as I already quite enjoy marketing I really wasn’t sure what I’d get from it. I got my biggest customer from it! Paula gave me the time, focus and the impetus to nail down a plan to get my brand in front of the right people. A really simple exercise turned out to be an amazing catalyst for my business. I would certainly recommend Paula to anyone looking for business support or guidance. It’s clear to see how much Paula enjoys helping small businesses succeed, and with her experience she’s a great person to turn to. Thanks Paula!


Paula has an incredible talent at building a rapport she is kind and considerate. Paula really gets to know you and spends a lot of time doing this with complete professionalism. We know each other now mutually and I can safely say my life is a brighter place with Paula in it. I attended one of Paula’s courses in NLP she really gets everyone involved but more than this she chooses the right people for the course. Everything Paula does is considered and clearly for a reason, she is very good at what she does and I would highly recommend Paula for anyone wanting to explore the benefits of NLP for your business. It is always a pleasure getting to know you Paula. Thank you Matt Craven – The Grange Spa



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