Top 9 tips on staff retention after our 2018 survey. Thank you to all of you that took part.

Employee Retention.

1. Trust your employees
2. Have clear goals, KPI’s and targets for your employees
3. Offer regular training for your employees
4. Implement an open communications environment
5. Offer competitive benefits – and sometimes this can be other things for example additional holidays etc.
6. Create the right environment for employees to work
7. Listen to your employees
8. Have regular reviews with open and honest two-way feedback
9. It’s about the team first and then you


1. Trust your employees

68% of you have put down trusting your employees as being important and how important it feels to be trusted. Most are trustworthy, do not discriminate against the majority for the sake of the odd bad apple – deal with any unacceptable behaviours otherwise silence is acceptance.


2. Clear goals and targets

Being clear and concise with your employees has helped many of you over the past 12 months achieve collective goals in your organisations. It is important to align each person’s goals, KPI’s and targets throughout the organisation with the business goals so that employees understand how their role is having a direct impact on the success overall.


3. Training.

Offering training and support to employees. Our recommendation is to have a training matrix and agreement in place, one that the organisation and employee really value and buy into. To quote Sir Richard Branson – train people so well they can leave, treat them so well they don’t want to…


4. Open Communications

Offering open two way and 360 degree communications has helped many of our clients over the past year. Some have reintroduced weekly ‘’ toolbox chats’’, others monthly feedback sessions and also ‘’ adult contracts’’ where from the top of the business right the way through any staff member can question another. This has really helped one client in particular and staff retention has gone up 13% in a really difficult working environment.


5. Competitive benefits

This is not always salary, what about other flexible benefits. One of our clients has a value on benefits from extra days holidays, shopping vouchers, day spas, shopping treats discount cards to name a few and once an employee has earned them they can choose which benefit they would like to fit their lifestyle; some people like more time off and others like shopping vouchers. The idea works really well as the employee can choose what suits them best.


6. Work Environment

Often referred to as the NUMBER ONE reason most stay or leave a job. From the way we all talk to each other, to the colours on the walls, the wash room areas and canteens. All of these can affect how some of us feel, see and hear things at work. Just like at home, if you’ve ever had work done, the associated mess, or if you feel overlooked or consistently ‘got at’ this can affect how you feel. It’s exactly the same at work, and for most of us we spend more time at work that at home.


7. Listening

For most of us we have two ears and one mouth, do we all use this proportionally? The majority of employees want to be heard and listened to without interruptions this is a particularly important skill by those who are line managers to build strong trusting working relationships.


8. Reviews and Feedback

These can be formal or informal, ideally a combination of both. A manager I worked under 16 years ago was good at catching his whole team once a week for a ‘’toolbox chat’’, as employees we found this to be very supporting and I know he also got a lot from it. Yes, we did have regular quarterly reviews and we both agreed we got more from the weekly TB chats. Work out what is best for your business and monitor and see what works well.


9. It’s about the team first and then you

To first support and help your team is really powerful, putting yourself in your team’s shoes, looking at the job from what they see. Imagine then what positive changes could come about that will help you all fully understand each other fluidly and collectively towards the bigger picture – the business goals.

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